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the real question: if there are 15 women in mad max, where is all the Femslash ????????????

ok i have thought about it a bit here’s some things i could ship

capable/angharad tfw you’re leaning ur pregnant gf out the side of a speeding war rig to deliver a calm silent ‘fuck you’ 

capable/toast learning all they can about weapons and hoping they won’t have to use them and knowing that they will

angharad/the dag and sad/hopeful feelings abt being pregnant? maybe planning to raise their kids together in the green place. maybe that was what started the whole plan to break out. oh no i feels’d myself

the dag/cheedo keeping each other going when shit gets particularly awful. reminding each other why they can’t go back.

wives ot5 because come onnnnnnn

bonus furiosa/valkyrie that was such an intense forehead touch what’s their story? did they know each other before furiosa was taken? were they baby girlfriends? was the valkyrie up on her rig playing bait and keeping watch and hoping in spite of better judgment that furiosa would come back and then she did and

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