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photo of the day - girlchild wrote a story in school and illustrated it. hazard a guess as to what is going on here. i dare you.

today was a little odd. picked up the kids just fine, fed them, and then took them off to the last day of tennis for THE YEAR, which was a huge three-hour party. parking was a NIGHTMARE, but we found a spot and i took them in, and in the five minutes i was away from the car, people started parking in the actual driving lanes in the parking lot, so it took me fifteen freaking minutes and lots of angry gesturing just to get out of the lot. siiiiigh

host dad offered to go pick them up, so i took the time to do my homework and prep dinner. they were supposed to be back around 445ish, but no one came back until SIX. still managed to get homework done by some sort of miracle. girlchild had a little perfectionism breakdown when she missed a question on our practice spelling test because it made her sad and worried when she didn’t get everything completely right, so we talked through that after i waited out her primary tantrum reaction.

and, after a few tears and a good talk and a joke from me about how bad i am at french to cheer her up, i went to go get the next part of her homework and came back to find her writing “i love you bay baely bailey” in her spelling notebook awwwwww

boychild was less grumpy than usual about spelling practice, and when girlchild woke up while their parents were out on a date she went back to sleep pretty easily after we talked about bugs for a bit.

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